De Multibuddy

Ergonomic examples With Twan Geelen’s MultiBuddy paving tiles has become much less aggravating for tilers. Applying adhesive is a painstaking, heavy and strenuous job. The MultiBuddy offers support when applying adhesive on floors. According to experts this ergonomic tool helps to prevent back, neck, shoulder and wrist complaints (See V.H.P Ergonomic report) . Apart from ergonomic advantages, the MultiBuddy also offers other essential benefits.



Advantages of the MultiBuddy for tilers:

The vertebra will be less twisted as the working hand and the supporting hand are kept almost equally above the floor. The lower back will be relieved considerably, as you create a point of support in the adhesive bed. The wrist will be less subject to wear, as the support of the MultiBuddy creates a straight-lined movement and a healthier angle for the wrist. The working range will expand, as you will have to stand up less during application of the tile adhesive. Leaning against clean walls will no longer be necessary. The MultiBuddy will enable you to measure and lay sawn tiles more accurately by leaning on the adhesive bed. There will be minimal disturbance to the adhesive bed. The MultiBuddy offers the possibility to adjust the tile lay-out, which is way outside the working range. Working around an angle and measuring tiles will be easier; for instance, the last tile in the toilet.

Advantages of the MultiBuddy for employers:

Due to the support of this ergonomic tool the employees will tire less easily. The work will be performed faster, resulting in more production. The chance of sickness absence will diminish. The capital outlay will be low. The MultiBuddy can also be used to smooth and level floors. Both tilers and parquet floor fitters, gravel floor fitters and interior decorators can benefit from the MultiBuddy. The MultiBuddy will soon be available with anti-skid feet to join floors.